Call of Duty WW II: Coming Soon


What is Call of Duty WWII?

Call of Duty is a video game which was developed by Treyarch and published by Activision in 2008 for the first time. It was a solo player game. Call of Duty WWII is the sequel of it and it is the fifth of this series. It is a multiplayer game unlike the CoD the first vesion. It is developed by Sledgehammer and published by Activision. It will be released on 3 rd November 2017on Play Station4, XBOX and PC respectively.

What is there in Call of Duty WW2?

After releasing the trailer of CoD WWII on 26th April 2017, there is already a buzz all around regarding the plot and techniques of this new game. Like all other four hit series of Call of Duty, this fifth series will too take you to the different sets of the different historical battle fields of entire Europe during the World War II. In the game, the players will play the role of Ronald ‘Red’ Daniel and his squad whose solo campaign will march ahead during a time of blood and conflict. During the campaign he will take assistance from U.K army and French army in order to get the victory. The creators have put everything with every minute detail to get that environment of war. The players will get both infantry and armed forces available in the game. After good performance the armies will get promotion and thereby higher rank like it happens in reality. Moreover both the Axis and Allied powers will be seen in the battlefield. The players will be able to unlock many weapons during their march.

What is the story of CoD WW II?

In the game, the Campaign was set by two soldiers Red Daniels and Zussman, two Americas in the island of Makin and by the Soviet in eastern front of Germany. The players of American campaign will be seen for the first time to fight against the Japanese army in the game. Most of the ambushes are taken place in jungles. This game has all total 30 weapons with 22 primaries and 8 secondary.

What is new in Call of Duty WWII?

There are many differences between Call of Duty previous games and the new CoD WWII game. This new game is on full HD. It is said that this game is much more serious than the previous ones. Even the sets are given a very dark atmosphere to suit the seriousness of the theme of the game. Using of vulgar words by the soldiers is another characteristic of the game. Though it seems to be a very common characteristic among the American soldiers yet these words will be in off mode in the CoD WW2 game.

This game will offer some Nazi zombie action too. It will have Headquarter space where armies will take rest when they ate not fighting. And most important one is that this game will be released on Friday unlike other video games.

Call of Duty WW2 Beta:

Till now, we have only is a little information regarding release date. Call of Duty WW2 Beta version. No date has been fixed for it. If Call of Duty WWII Beta version is released it will be for PS4 and XBOX. It will not be available for pc. In order to access to it one have to preorder the Call of Duty WW 2 game. But it is said that this time Cod WW2 private Beta will not be released for pc players.


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